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Hutches & Hurricanes

Recently, Eastern North Carolina was hit by Hurricane Matthew. We were very blessed and hardly experienced any damage/flooding.  A few cities surrounding us however, weren’t so lucky. Many roads and towns are still flooding and the water is rising. If you would like more information on how to help, drop a comment and I will direct you to where to do that.

The week leading up to hurricane Matthew’s impending doom, my mom was in town for a visit. We decorated for fall (upcoming blog post) and decided to build a hutch.

So, off we went to Lowe’s to buy all our materials. I really wanted to use maple, because it’s inexpensive but high quality. Unfortunately, Lowe’s didn’t have any. So we used what they had. All of the wood, two sizes of finish nails, and a box of screws put us at about $70. Not bad, right? Wrong. The young man that cut the wood for us messed up every single measurement. So when we go home, we had to alter everything by a few inches to correct the gentleman’s mistakes. Then, once we were almost finished building it, one of the side boards was bowing out, some boards were splitting, and it was an all around nightmare.

So we will refer to that as try #1. Try #1 became shelving for my garage, pictured below.


After that debacle, my mom and I were back to square one. I’m okay with the “mistake” because it was a learning experience, and I still ended up with a functional shelving unit.

So off we went, to Home Depot this time. We bought poplar wood (Tip: if you’re making furniture for your home, definitely spend the extra $ for a higher quality wood. You won’t regret it.) The boards were perfectly straight and so solid. The gentleman who cut my boards did a fantastic job. It was flawless. So, finally, my mom and I could get to work.

When we started the process, we had to pre-drill into the wood. We had no other choice. The wood was SO solid. We broke 3 drill bits in the process, but that is ok because the end result was so worth all of the effort we put into this project. Instead of doors, I opted for chicken wire doors because I wanted the hutch to have a farmhouse look to it.

When it finally came time to paint, I bought Annie Sloan chalk paint (Old Ocher) I knew I didn’t want to paint the whole thing a solid color, and when I was looking for inspiration, I came across this picture on Pinterest and fell in love. So, I stained the plywood piece that was serving as the back of the hutch, and the shelf above the hutch doors. The stain in combination with the paint gave the hutch the exact look that I wanted.


and here is the finished product:


After we took a trip to Hobby Lobby, it was finally finished:


All in all, it was an excellent week spent with my mom. Also, big thank you to my parents who bought me a miter saw and power sander for my birthday! They know me so well.

If you have any questions at all, drop a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!



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