Seasonal Dining

My parents always made a point to share at least one meal, as a family, every day. We always ate at the table, even if we weren’t all present. Eating together as a family was one of our daily rituals.

As I thought about decorating the dining room, I knew that I wanted a space that was adequate for my husband and I to form a daily ritual. 

When we moved into this house, it was in the middle of summer. June. It was hot, the days were full of sunshine and bright flowers. At the time, I was all about greens and blues and open space. This is what our dining room looked like: 

I love it. The succulent center piece, the curtains, everything. But when fall came around, and I bought place mats and a fall centerpiece, I knew that the greens and blues just didn’t pair well with the fall season. 

I decided to buy a new rug + curtains, that I would put out for September-February. This is what it looks like now, in September: 

The rug & curtains I found on Amazon, totaling $96. I had a $75 giftcard, so I only paid $21 out of pocket. 
The placements I found at Kohl’s. I paid $16.42 after taxes and coupon. 

The centerpiece is from Kirklands. I paid $9.99 after taxes and coupon. 

The wall art was handmade locally, and if you’d like her contact information please leave a comment below! 

This simple switch makes the room look so cozy and welcoming. Fall is my favorite season, and I’m glad that I am able to incorporate fall-flavored decor into my home. 



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