Laundry Room Love

I struggle really hard with doing the laundry when my husband is away. He is the one who always does the laundry (if he’s here) He does it, folds it, puts it away. I get exhausted just by watching him.

This is how it goes for me: Wash. Dry. Forget. Find wrinkly clothes. Re-dry. Lay out laundry (to avoid wrinkles) and then it just kind of stays…either on my dresser or on the little counter we have in the laundry room. Oops.

I was getting really tired of my laundry room looking so unappealing. I thought, “If I had a pleasant space to do laundry, then I would gladly do it all the time!”

Side note: I have a new obsession with LulaRoe leggings. They’re the best. Seriously. I can hook you all up with a consultant if you’re interested. The catch with the leggings (and other clothing) is that they have to be hung up to dry.

Here is a pair of my gorgeous, buttery soft, LulaRoe leggings:14192592_10210514046596095_406649397688228775_n

I thought to myself again, “I need somewhere to dry my leggings!”

So I decided to build a clothes drying rack.

Then, I decided I wanted to hide all of the clutter that was in there.

So this is what I came up with:



Drying Rack:

Shopping list:                                                                                                                                                    2 1x4x12 boards from Lowe’s. At my Lowe’s they were on sale for $4 a board.                            1 small can of stain. (I already had Poly at the house, which is why I didn’t buy any) and screw-in hooks.

Cut list: I cut the first board into two 54in. boards (leaving 36 in) the second board I cut into four 36in pieces.

Instructions: It’s as if you’re making a closed ladder. I laid both 54 in pieces parallel to each other. Then, the 36 inch pieces were like “rungs” to a latter. Then, stain, poly, and let dry.   Then, I screwed hooks into the bottom (you can see 3 in the pic above) Viola! Your very own drying rack!

The rug is from Target. On clearance for $9.99! Storage bins are from Walmart-$5 each. The signs were free! Thanks to gift cards + rewards points (but $20 value–still inexpensive)

Total spent: $55 for everything in the laundry room! (Minus the washer & dryer)

I now happily do laundry, and hang up my LulaRoe to dry in my adorable laundry room!








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