Fall Mania

It is officially fall. The weather here hasn’t caught up yet, but hopefully soon it will! I lived in Indiana for 10 years, and that is where my parents still live. They are in the middle of knobs, farms, and orchards. Fall is a special time of year there, and I miss it terribly.

I long for boots, scarves, and hot apple cider. On a Hay ride.

Here on the coast, it’s a little harder to feel the fall. So, I did what I do, and I brought it into my home!

Buying harvest decor this time of year is usually when it’s most expensive-because everyone is on the hunt for it. Luckily, I scored some sweet deals this year. The best part is that I can safely put away this decor, and use it again next year!

Here is a picture of the entryway:

The candle centerpiece, the monogrammed pumpkin, and the harvest banner were all from Kirkland’s Home. Here’s the breakdown- centerpiece originally $44.99 the day I went, they had a 20% off single-harvest item. I combined that with a military discount and got it for $31.00.

The monogrammed pumpkin is originally $19.99 and the banner $9.99 the day I purchased these, I used the Kirkland’s Spin to Win app, and received a 15% coupon, which I combined with the military discount, bringing both down to $22.48.

The entryway decor was pricey, for my standards. But, I was in love with the monogrammed pumpkin & there was only ONE ‘K’ left. It was fate. Also, I had been eyeballing the centerpiece for a while too. I kept the boxes so that they will be safely stored for next year also.

Here is our TV stand:


The sign above the TV is from Hobby Lobby. My husband and I found it back in July for 50% off, making it just under $20. We originally had it in our dining room, but the piece works better in this space.

The “garland`is actually two leaf stems that I twined together. The leaf stems were $4.99 a piece, at 40% off that day.  The polka dot pumpkin on the bottom shelf was $6.99 (Kirkland’s Home for leaf stems & polka dot pumpkin)

$3.99 x 2 @ 40% off= $4.78 for both stems + $6.99 pumpkin= $11.77 pre-coupons

$11.77 @ 25% off (15% spin to win + 10% military discount) =$8.82 (pre-tax)

‘Count your Blessings’ ‘Let our lives…’ ‘Give thanks’ were all purchased at Marshall’s. $4.99 a piece, except the ‘Let our lives…’ that one was $5.99.

Grand total for fall decorations: $24.79 (I didn’t include the Hobby Lobby sign because I already had it, I didn’t buy it specifically for fall decor)


Directly in front of our stair case (downstairs) is a blank wall.

This is what it looks like *fall edition*



There is that beautiful pumpkin again. It’s actually the same pumpkin, I just couldn’t decide where I liked it best. (Let me know what you all think in the comment section below!)

The 2 fall pillows are from Kirkland’s Home. The mirror is also–surprising, right?

Large pillow: $19.99 small pillow: $11.99. The day I bought the pillows, they were marked down 20%. I also spun a 20% spin to win that day! So, after markdowns and coupons I got both for $17.90, less than the original price of the large pillow! Win!!

Since we’re talking about this area of the house, I just had to add that the mirror was purchased the same day I bought the pillows. It was marked down-get this-at @26.99!!  So for the mirror alone, it was $18.89!

I am in love with the way my house looks at the moment. I will probably cry whenever I have to take it down. What’s your favorite part of fall?





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