Dog Days

The phrase, “dog days” refers to a period of inactivity or sluggishness.

Funny, those two adjectives perfectly describe my two crazy dogs.

Meet Lucy (black lab) and Leo (brindle)

They are our fur babies. They love to nap, cuddle, play fetch, take walks, and occasionally drive me insane. They are both crate trained, and before we moved into this house we had their crates in our office. Crates are such an eyesore!

Thankfully, the house we have now has a large storage closet, and their two crates fit perfectly in there! So this room is officially designated as theirs.

Here is a picture of their quarters:


This was very simple as far as decor goes.

The blankets inside the crates were $1 each at Walmart. The picture frames were $1.50 each at Target. The signs (on wall & on door handle) are from Hobby Lobby. Around $10 for both. Roughly $15 made this room completely theirs.

They are so happy with the result, and so am I. The $15 price can’t be beat!





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