Bathroom Blues

Our downstairs has a half bathroom. And I absolutely hate it. I’m not saying that I’m ungrateful for said bathroom, but, it drove me crazy.

There’s a towel rod on one wall, the longest wall in the bathroom, and it isn’t centered on the wall. It’s like it’s just there to mess with my head.

And the mirror. The mirror was a huge, long oval. So, so ugly.

I will spare you all the before picture on this one. Here is what it look like now:

My husband’s favorite color is black. Not really sure why. But, anyway, A couple months ago Target Cartwheel had a 25% off bathroom coupon. Plus some of their bathroom rugs/towels were already on sale. I spent $20 on the rug and towels together.

Shortly after making the purchase, one day while I was at work my husband texted me saying, “I really like the towels and rug in the downstairs bathroom” SCORE!

The ‘K’ wall piece was $7.20 after discount + coupon at Kirkland’s Home.

The gorgeous, gorgeous mirror was only $16 at Kirkland’s Home after discount + coupon.

The signs were handmade from someone here, she’s local. She does ship, so if you’d like her info please comment below!

I am finally content with this bathroom now. With minimal effort, you can make any space your very own. (I am so happy!!)





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